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Your target audience, just like your message, can change.

Marketing Strategies

I am now, and have always been, a proponent of ALL forms of marketing and advertising.  Consumers are too diverse to funnel all your marketing dollars into one or two forms of advertising.  Moreover, consumer’s attention is being pulled in so many directions these days.  The smart thing is to diversify your marketing efforts and methods.  It’s even smarter to know your audience and target them as much as possible by using the most efficient and best means possible.

While you’re trying to get your message out to as many consumers as possible, you should take the time to consider, more closely, your target audience.  Your target audience, just like your message, can evolve and change as the market changes and even over short periods of time.  This can be resource consuming, but it is still wise to consider these and other variables when marketing your products and services.  Doing so will accomplish the best ROI and make the most efficient use of your resources.

While radio and television serve well to “blanket” an area, they fall very short of actually targeting an audience.  These are still viable mediums but they are NOT the marketing powerhouses that they used to be – and they are expensive.  Carefully consider the ROI on these mediums.  Are they doing the job for you?  I would bet that TV and radio alone are an inefficient use of resources.  You can make the same argument regarding newspapers and print media.

Digital marketing is still a very new and foreign concept for many businesses.  That is a shame.  This is the first half of 2017 and if you’re not buying into digital marketing, you’re making a big mistake.  This method should be a substantial part of your marketing strategy by now.  Digital marketing is how Amazon, Google, Facebook and others have grown to be such large companies.

Digital advertising should be part of your marketing mix.  At Magic Market Ride Resources and Total Office Services, we have the ability to precisely target digital AND traditional/conventional advertising.  By taking your message and  considering the current market, we can come up with the right mix to maximize your ROI.

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