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Security breaches are becoming too common.

Every day we hear about security breaches involving emails, websites, social media accounts, etc.  It seems that it is getting easier, not harder, to hack something these days.  Security is becoming harder to get and more expensive to buy.  Most of us won’t spend the extra time or money to take the steps to protect our sensitive and private information.  That is, until we lose it.

In a big way, old fax technology is still with us due to these security breaches.  Physical mail has not gone away either.  It can even be argued that it is growing.  And, of course, the day has not yet arrived where we can “transport” physical items Star Trek-style so packages must still be physically delivered.  However there is a weak security link when delivering packages and it’s on the recipient’s side.  You’ve probably heard about the “porch-pirates” that lurk in residential neighborhoods following the parcel delivery trucks.  They lie in wait for the parcels to be left at the door unattended and then run up and steal them.  All of this lack of security cost us billions each year.

Here are a couple of easy solutions that will alleviate 99% of these hassles:

  1. Get a Virtual Mailbox at Total Office Services. This is a real address where your mail and packages are securely received and held for you.  From your phone or tablet, you can then direct TOS to forward, open & scan (so you can read it on your phone), hold for pickup or shred your mail. TOS can also hold your packages or forward them as needed by you.  You also get our concierge services included.
  2. Rent a physical mailbox at our convenient location in the Rosedale Shopping Center. Get the same secure receiving service along with “call in mail check” and much more.  Concierge service included.  Ask us about it!
  3. Shred your outdated, important documents. Don’t wait until they stack up into a mountain of paper in your attic where they become unwieldy.  Total Office Services offers secure shredding of any amount.  We make it easy for you to securely discard this paperwork any time you need to do so.

Consider these services if you’re operating a business or otherwise working out of your home.  For your home and family security, it is best NOT to broadcast your home address online.  Total Office Services is your virtual staff offering concierge services for our virtual and physical mailbox holders.  All of our customers get our best attention.  Come in and see for yourself!

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