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Beware: Thieves are taking your packages and your identity.

They will steal your packages and your identity.

beware stolen packages

Thieves are everywhere.  They will take your mail from your mailbox and even steal your packages right off your front porch.  Smaller boxes are of particular interest to thieves since these typically contain things like new cellphones or other electronic devices.  The news is filled with reports about such crimes.  You can find videos and comments all over the internet about these crimes.  If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find these things happening in your own neighborhood.

packages taken from porch

We hear reports from some of our customers about these things happening locally almost every week.  In this modern and digital world privacy and security are changing drastically.  Traditional ideas and behaviors about privacy and security are quickly becoming irrelevant.  Long gone are the days when you could leave the front door of your house or your car unlocked.  Today’s crimes are different than yesterday’s crimes.

Technology is a big reason for this change.  Everything is moving to the internet.  Take some simple steps and use common sense to minimize these loses.  Always be aware of your surroundings.  Keep your online passwords and profiles secure and up to date.  Don’t broadcast your very personal information or your home address.  Total Office Services offers a secure and professional address solution.  Our virtual and physical mail and parcel receiving service keeps your home address secure.  Your mail and packages are secure too.  Whether you’re local, travelling or out of the country, Total Office Services makes it easy.

The Solution to Stolen Mail and Packages

The TOS Mobile Virtual Mailbox is the TOTAL SOLUTION.  Read and manage your paper mail and packages on your phone or tablet from anywhere!  Totally secure and reliable.  No contract.  Sign up online today.  Click on the phone below:

TOS Mobile Virtual Mailbox

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