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TOS Relocation Concierge

Relocation and Mailbox Concierge Service from TOS.

Total Office Services offers a valuable service for anyone who is relocating or transferring for a job.  This service works great for those who work remotely for extended periods of time.  Also, if you just want a great way to read and manage your paper mail and packages with your cellphone or tablet.  We call our service “Relocation Concierge” and “Mailbox Concierge”.

Imagine your have to relocate.  Where will you have your bills sent?  Where will you get your mail during the move?  What about packages?  You want them to be safe an secure until you can get them right?  Mailbox and Relocation Concierge allows for you have a secure physical address and manage your physical mail/packages online from anywhere.  It’s an address that you can “anchor” to while in transition or while working off-site or away from home.

Our Virtual Mailbox lets travel pros manage their personal, physical mail and packages while traveling or working remotely.  You can read your physical mail and see your packages directly on your cellphone or mobile device.  Our “Mail Concierge Service” is designed for travel pros who are on remote job assignments.  You get a physical address and you can manage your physical mail/packages online from anywhere.

You can do all of this directly from your cellphone or tablet!   We include our Virtual Staff services. This means when you need help, we’re here for you.

The best part is, your guest can manage all of this directly from your mobile device!  We also include our Virtual Staff services.  This means that we are here to assist them as needed with just an email or phone call.

Why is this a far better solution?  For those who try to forward their mail or submit a change-of-address, we find that having the USPS manage your address is at best incredibly slow and at worst, a nightmare (lost mail, packages, etc.).  Same day setup.  No contract.  It doesn’t get any easier!





You can go directly to this link to signup:  https://totalofficeservices1.anytimemailbox.com/signup

Total Office Services – Your Relocation Specialists.  For help anytime call TOS at 704.948.8120


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