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Total Office Services Fulfillment:

You’re doing business online or from your brick and mortar storefront.   You need to spend your time selling and growing your business.  TOS will save you time by doing mundane part of packing and shipping your product.

Total Office Services knows it takes time and hard work to get your product noticed on search engines and to generate sales.  That’s were TOS comes in.  We can do the packing, labeling and shipping for you.  Maybe you like to pack your product yourself.  That’s fine – TOS can handle the shipping.  We can save you loads of time and money.  We can even do the packing and use YOUR shipping account if you prefer.  Total Office Services does fulfillment at your direction.  You tell us what you need and we’ll get it done.

TOS can also get you shipping supplies in bulk at reduced prices:  Boxes, padded shippers/mailers, tape, filler and more.  Total Office Services makes it all easier on you with the best in customer service, expert packing and quality shipping services.

How do we do it?  Total Office Services makes it easy.  Our customers send us their instructions in a variety of ways:  via website, email, digital files, etc.  Sometimes we stock the product for them and sometimes they bring it to us directly.  We can even go pick it up for you!  The point is, whatever works for our customer is how TOS will do the job.

TOS Fulfillment

Fulfillment services act like a merchant’s warehouse

Total Office Services offers fulfillment and logistics services for small business and work-at-home merchants.  Fulfillment services act like a merchant’s warehouse fulfilling orders and ensuring that online and offline shoppers get professional service.

Outsourcing these sorts of operations may not make sense for every business, but here are at least a few good reasons to consider using fulfillment services at Total Office Services.

  1. Flexibility

With so much variation in shopping activity, merchants often find that they need to bring on temporary workers or invest in new equipment or supplies to manage the rush.

Outsourcing order fulfillment allows merchants to avoid the need to hire and train temps or buy new equipment. Instead, the merchant simply needs to ensure that the product is in stock and ready for the fulfillment house to ship.  In this way, the merchant frees up their time to market their business and sell their product rather than worry about actually getting the product out to their customers.  Total Office Services takes your orders, packs and ships them to your customers.  Domestic or International shipments, Total Office Services handles the documentation and customs forms.

  1. Lower Shipping Costs

Whether merchants are absorbing shipping and freight costs to offer free shipping or passing those costs on to consumers, it makes good sense to do everything possible to keep shipping costs down.

With this in mind, Total Office Services can help to lower the shipping tally. Most package-shipping services offer prices based — at least in part — on how far the shipments travel. If you want to do your own packing, Total Office Services can save you money on bulk boxes and packing materials.  Total Office Services can save you time and money on international shipments too.

  1. Focus on What You Do Best

Often entrepreneurs start businesses because they have a passion for the product or a passion for marketing, but, it is relatively less common that someone or some group starts a t-shirt business or an online hardware store because she feels especially gifted at stacking or packing boxes.

Using a fulfillment service for many small business owners is an opportunity to outsource many unfamiliar tasks and focus on what one does best.

Summing Up

Total Office Services fulfillment services can offer a small business or work-at-home merchant retailers flexibility, cost reductions, growth, and focus.  You don’t have to be local to use Total Office Services fulfillment.  If you’re out of town, out of state or out of the country, we can still offer you fulfillment services.  Contact us and we’ll show you.  Total Office Services does fulfillment right!

Contact Total Office Services.  Tel:  +1-704-948-8120. 
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