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Porch Pirates and the package theft epidemic.

Porch Pirates and the package theft epidemic.

If you are one of 23 million Americans who has been the victim of package theft, then you’re part of a growing trend of package theft. As people do more of their shopping online and there are more packages being shipped.  This is increasing the opportunities for a crafty thief to make off with them. Moreover, many of these packages contain very valuable products. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices make for a high-value prize. With all these highly valuable packages moving around, the risk/reward balance that thieves must consider is tipped towards the reward.  Stealing an unattended package off the porch is very low risk. In some places it wouldn’t even be considered breaking-and-entering, which is a more significant crime.


These thieves are dubbed “porch pirates” and they pillage cardboard-cased treasures using two methods: waiting at a property for deliveries and following delivery trucks around on their routes.  Google “porch pirates” or check YouTube and you’ll see that this is a huge problem.  Aside from losing money and potentially irreplaceable goods due to package theft, there is also the risk of being a victim of something much more sinister: identity theft. Many packages (and mail in general) contain personal information that can be used to hijack your existence and cause irreparable damage to your reputation.


The majority of packages are stolen by porch pirates during the day when homeowners are not at home. This doesn’t just affect consumer’s wallets, it also threatens their peace of mind and home security.  What a terrible feeling it is to know someone actually walked up to your house and took something of yours. This doesn’t have to happen to you. This is the time to be pro-active, and put a stop to porch pirates.

Total Office Services has your solution!

You don’t want to wait around all day for your deliveries. The ideal solution will make sure your packages are delivered safely and undisturbed so you don’t have to think about it.  TOS has the answer to the porch pirate epidemic.  The ideal solution is a Mobile Virtual Address at Total Office Services.  Manage all of your deliveries and mail entirely from your cellphone.  You can see your packages and read your snail-mail right on your phone or tablet.

TOS makes it easy.  No contract.  Sign-up online here:  TOS the Porch Pirate Solution.

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