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Mailbox Rental, Mobile Mailbox & Relocation Services

Virtual Mailbox and Mobile Address (click here):

The TOS Virtual Mailbox and Mobile Address can be used by anyone anywhere.  It does not matter where in the world you are, this address will follow you. You will be able to read your mail and see your packages  on your phone or mobile device.  Don’t use your home address if you work at home or have an online business.
With our Mobile Virtual Mailbox, TOS becomes your virtual office staff!  You direct us to handle your mail and packages as you require (hold, forward, scan & email, shred, etc.).
The TOS Virtual Mailbox and Mobile Address is the perfect solution.  Scroll down for details and to sign up online . . .


Click for Mailbox Video

Click for Mailbox Video

Mobile Virtual Address (click here or on the image below):

 TOS mobile mailbox virtual staff

Total Office Services offers Full Service Mailbox and Mobile Virtual Address Services.

Features include:

* A prestigious commercial street address;
* Virtual mailbox: check your mail anywhere from your mobile device;
* Manage your mail remotely;
* Excellent for doing business online (don’t use your home address online);
* Perfect for work-at-home business;
* Secure mail receiving service;
* Secure package receiving service;
* Easy online sign-up.  No need to be in the store.
* 24-hour access to physical mailbox (optional);
* Notification when mail & packages arrive using email, text or online;
* You can elect to have your mail shredded;
* Mail and package forwarding service.


* An address that FOLLOWS you wherever you go;
* Great when moving, relocating or working remotely;
* We include TOS Virtual Staff services (ask us!);
* Perfect for relocating, road warriors, RVers and more;
* A street address is better than a PO Box address;
* Parcel carriers don’t deliver to PO Boxes – they DO deliver here;
* Your mail or packages won’t sit out unattended;
* The rain or thieves won’t get to your packages;
* We can accept and sign for your important packages;
* No more “sorry we missed you” notices;
* Call in to check your mail;
* We can refuse packages for you too;
* No hassle – TOS will set it up for you!


Mailbox Rental Service (Physical Mailbox): a real street address – not a PO Box. A real street address gives you credibility and a professional image. TOS! Mailbox Rental Service means we’ll call you when packages come in. TOS! Mailbox Rental Service means you can call to check on your mail and packages. TOS! Mailbox Rental Service means your mail and packages are secure. We can forward your mail and packages too!  This is a great option for local customers.

Security: if you work at home and you’re using your home address for your business, BEWARE. Think about it. Somebody searches for your business and your home address, a map and a picture will show up. Do you want everyone to see where you live? Put your address with us. We will be your virtual office and staff.

Moving to Charlotte or North Carolina (or anywhere in the world):

If you’re relocating to North Carolina, we got you covered. TOS gets you a secure street address for personal or business purposes. Our mailbox rental service will set you up with a real street address via email, fax or over the telephone. This helps you by having an address that you can “anchor to” before actually moving here.

Street address/not a PO Box: With a PO Box, you can only receive US Mail. With our postal boxes, you can receive mail and packages from any courier and anyone.

Neighbors: Do you want your nosy neighbors knowing your business? Many homeowners association prohibit home businesses. WE ARE ZONED FOR BUSINESS. Let our mailbox rental service take care of it.

Room To Grow: Eventually, your small home business will grow (that’s the whole point, right?). Your address doesn’t need to change when you move to a bigger location because Total Office Services is taking care of you.

Mail forwarding and holding: If you have to leave town or go on vacation, don’t worry about your mail and packages. We’ll take care of it. Rv’ers use TOS! for mail forwarding and they call or email to check their package status.

Electronic Mail Notification: Don’t waste the trip. We will let you know when the mail and/or your packages have arrived and we will securely hold them for you. Don’t let them sit out on your porch in the rain!

Business Address: If you need a business or personal address in North Carolina, we’ve got you covered. TOS! can forward your mail to you whereever you are around the globe. Easy to set up over the internet too – you don’t have to physically come to our store.. Just send us an email at: info@totalofficenc.com.

24 hour access available: You can pickup your mail anytime – days, nights, weekends.

Total Office Services TOS!

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Email: info@TotalOfficeNC.com


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High-Performance Business Solutions

High-Performance Business Solutions

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