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Packing & International Shipping Services Charlotte

Packing & International Shipping Services Charlotte

TOS! Your Shipping Service:

Total Office Services offers the best in packing and shipping service.  We do next day shipping, two day, three day, ground shipping and freight. We do it better than the “chain stores”. We offer your top-quality service and attention to detail. We offer “High Performance Shipping Services”.

USPS Postal service too. We are a convenient and time-saving place to purchase postage stamps and meter. We’re also a great place to drop off your outgoing mail . . . no lines and no waiting !

International shipping is our specialty.  From our location near Charlotte, North Carolina, Total Office Services ships many international destinations. Because we know the rules and we’ve been doing it for years, Total Office Services makes international shipping easy.  Let TOS take care of filling out the customs and international shipping forms.  These forms are confusing and can be a real hassle.  When we pack your items to ship globally, we can actually sign off on these forms and let you get on with your day.  We ship all over the globe via air, land and sea.  We do international container shipping as well.  Total Office Services makes international shipping easy!

We have the know how to safely and expertly pack your items for shipping. We have the appropriate shipping and packing materials in stock.

Large or small we can pack & ship your items where ever you need them to go – even if you need for them to come back to you.
Computers, electronics, artwork, jewelry, furniture, toys – you name it, we can pack it and ship it.

No forms to fill out! Preferred Customer Accounts speed up everything. Just leave it and we take care of everything. Very convenient!

Do you need something shipped to you and don’t want to have to wait around for the delivery guy? We can help you with that too.

TOS! Your Packing Service:

We can pack your most precious and fragile items. Afterall, what’s the point in paying to ship them if they arrive broken?

We know how to package your items to get through the rigors of the shipping distribution hubs. We keep a variety of packing materials on hand so that we can pack your items the right way.

So don’t lose sleep over whether or not your package will get there unharmed. We’ll take care of it. We are packing and shipping experts!

We’ve shipped items all over the world. We’ve been doing it for a long time. We have packed fine china and shipped it to New Zealand – not a piece was broken or chipped. We will pack your items as if we were packing our own for shipping. You can be confident we’ll do it right!

What You Need from a Good Packing and Shipping Service

If you sell products online, then the chances are that you are constantly packing and shipping products. You may think that you are saving yourself money by saving old boxes and doing all of the packing work on your own. But when your products arrive to your customers packaged poorly in old boxes, are you really doing yourself any favors? The right packing and shipping service will improve your business image and save you time.

When you are looking for the right packing and shipping service, it is important to find one that will pack things based on your specifications. If some of your products have special packaging requirements, then it is important that your packing company understand those requirements and perform them properly each time.

Packaging and shipping products requires the proper packing materials and an understanding of how to make a package look professional. Before you decide on a shipping company, be it domestic or international shipping, make sure that you check out some of its work to make sure that it will leave the proper professional impression on your customers. You are already able to create bad packaging on your own. If you are going to pay someone else to do it, then you want it to look as professional as possible.

Make sure that the shipping service you use will include packing slips with your company name and location on them. You want to give your customers the impression that you own a large and professional sales organization that ships from all over the country. When you find the right shipping company, then you can accomplish that goal.

How to Start An Online Store

If you would like to own your own business without the specific hours and the high start-up costs, you should consider opening your own online retail store. Opening an online store is a great way to save money over opening a brick-and-mortar store, and it gives you the opportunity to work from home while spending time with your family and choosing your own hours. Although you will need to make a bit of an investment in order to open your online store, it will be much more affordable than leasing a building and hiring employees.

One of the first steps of opening your online store is determining what types of products you would like to sell. If you like to make your own arts and crafts, you might want to consider selling them on the Internet; this will allow you to do something that you love while still making money. You can also consider selling products from other companies, but make sure that you will be able to make a profit before you invest too much time and money into your business.

Before looking for customers, you should talk to a goodpacking and shipping service to find out more about shipping your products. If you talk to a packing and shipping service, you can learn more about the costs of shipping your products; this can help you establish your prices and make plans for when you start receiving customers.

Then, you will need to find a way to sell your products. Many people choose to create their own websites, which is a great way to open your store. You can also sell your products through popular online auction sites and other online venues.

Packing tips:

          1. Packaging internally is, as important as external packaging. To ensure your item doesnt get damaged inside the parcel, you would need to ensure there is enough cushioning inside the parcel. This is a procedure taken in order to protect the article inside from being moved around. Parcels may be dropped at times and by having the insides cushioned adequately, your item will protected …against any accidents on transit. The materials outlined below can be used as internal cushion packaging. Use these to around all sides.
          2. Bubble Wrap – this material is a a type of polythene wrapping containing many small air pockets, used as a protective covering when transporting breakable goods
          3. Poly chips – Loose fill , Void fill, Polystyrene chips, packing peanuts — many names , but all means the same = the chips that you use to fill the gap between your item and the carton /box very cost effective
            Corrugated cardboard- different sizes available. single, double and even triple layered.
          4. Shredded or rolled paper- mainly used to wrap the contents.
          5. Polyethylene foam sheeting- the thickness can vary, used for padding and wrapping articles. very protective and flexible. It is best for an item to be wrapped around several times so that you would no longer be able to feel the outer edges of the item. You should be able to squeeze the item and feel no inner core. If you are combining two items together, you must wrap both items individually otherwise if they are wrapped together, they will crush against each other leaving dents and scratches. This is quite important too. if you are sending heavy items, you must ensure they do not move within the box itself otherwise it will cause the outer packaging to split. so packing it tightly into a strong card board box is recommended. Items with parts that stick out. If you will be sending items with parts of which that sticks out, try removing them if possible and package separately. if you cannot remove them, just wrapped them enough times until they are secure. for example, sending off a bicycle will have parts that can be removed, such as handle bars, wheels, pedals etc. Most importantly, use boxes that meet the couriers dimensions. please see our post about parcel delivery services.
            (Disclaimer:  All products, services, and claims herein are subject to change without notice.)
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High-Performance Business Solutions

High-Performance Business Solutions

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Packing & International Shipping Services Charlotte

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