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What does a TOS Virtual Mailbox do for you?

What does a TOS Mobile Address and Virtual Mailbox do for you? A Virtual Mailbox is a Mobile Address that follows you wherever you go. When you’re traveling or on vacation your paper mail and packages will be securely received. Your boxes won’t be sitting on the porch subject to rain, or being stolen, etc. If […]

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Mailbox and Relocation Concierge Service

Relocation and Mailbox Concierge Service from TOS. Total Office Services offers a valuable service for anyone who is relocating or transferring for a job.  This service works great for those who work remotely for extended periods of time.  Also, if you just want a great way to read and manage your paper mail and packages with your […]

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Biking Trails and Business – Total Office Services

Joe Guerrero, the owner of Total Office Services in Huntersville, has been helping to build two of Charlotte’s biggest passions for over 20 years now – businesses and biking trails. He first got his start in the local mountain biking scene by helping to build the “Catawba River” trails in the 90’s (now part of the US National White Water Center), […]

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Security breaches are becoming too common.

Every day we hear about security breaches involving emails, websites, social media accounts, etc.  It seems that it is getting easier, not harder, to hack something these days.  Security is becoming harder to get and more expensive to buy.  Most of us won’t spend the extra time or money to take the steps to protect our […]

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Your target audience, just like your message, can change.

I am now, and have always been, a proponent of ALL forms of marketing and advertising.  Consumers are too diverse to funnel all your marketing dollars into one or two forms of advertising.  Moreover, consumer’s attention is being pulled in so many directions these days.  The smart thing is to diversify your marketing efforts and methods.  […]

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